Data Centre Tour of Bahnhof

Banhof data centre is situated in Stockholm, Sweden. WARNING: High speed lines.

Beautiful data centre, not only is this data centre build with state-of-the-art technology. Its positioned in a once was, 'nuclear bunker'.

The architects have created a giant server farm that looks like it originates from some type of sci-fi movie. The facility runs a massice 1.5 mega watt cooling system built from 2 submarine engines. Running the network over copper and fibre lines in place to ensure you get top speed.

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Bahnhof Data centre Photos and Images

State of the art architecture

state of the art data centre

Inside decorative feature such as waterfalls and smoke filled floors also coming from the cooling system.

data centre

Below you can see the 2 submarine engines running a 1.5 mega watt cooling system into our servers.

server and submarine engine cooling

Low maintenance servers, covered by 24/7 support in the data centre.

bahnhof data centre stockholm, sweden