Key Space Web Hosting Control Panel Software

User-friendly Multi-language Control Panel To get an idea of the potentialities of Key Space Hosting Control Panel, we provide you with a demo account in which you can log directly by browsing to the login page and providing the form with the details below:

Username: demoacc

Password: demo

Key Space Hosting Multi-Language Control Panel supports the following languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Norwegian, Dutch, German, Russian, Ukrainian and Bulgarian. Any similarity between the parameters of the demo account and those of the web hosting plans offered by us is purely coincidental.

We lay emphasis on the word "easy". Easy to use - without the need of having special technical knowledge and skills. Easy to install - simply with a few clicks of the mouse. We offer the clients who subscribe to any of our plans the following special bonuses, which are free of charge:


The Elefante Installer includes 34 pre-configured FREE scripts grouped in 16 categories, among them Ad Management, Blog, Discussion Boards, E-Commerce, Image Galleries, Portal Systems and others.


Also with the enterprise hosting plan a piece of software called site studio is included as a bonus for choosing our top or the range package. Usually worth £20+ this will help you create websites simply with a few button presses allowing companies to create their partner sites quickly and easily.