Compare Web Space Hosting Plans

Compare hosting plans

Here (below) is a table of web hosting plans so you can easily compare our own to other web hosts, as you can see we are very competitve on both Storage and Transfer limits whilst keeping a good price on our web hosting plans.

Host Plan Storage Transfer Per Month*
Key Space Hosting Enterprise 4500000 GB   45000 GB £8.99
Key Space Hosting Industrial 15000 GB 150 GB £4.99
Key Space Hosting Personal 1500 GB 40 GB £3.99
eukhost Gold Plan 5 GB 50 GB £5.41
easycgi (.com) Advanced x2 500 GB 5,000 GB £9.85
cheapdomainnames ( Starter Plus 1 GB 10 GB £7.40 

If you havn't already you could have read our news article about this new page to compare web hosts.